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Our revolutionary volumiser technology embraces the true principles of conservation and innovation. We create forward thinking technology for forward thinking people, with flexibility and simplicity in mind, allowing it to be integrated into most homes and businesses. 

The water flow reduces the volume of water by more than 90% what you’d averagely use for everyday tasks like washing your hands or taking a shower.

Saving water, energy and money.

Soaked Water Saving Products

soaked technology covers a range of domestic and office based appliances.

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Soaked are the creators of environmentally conscious water saving technology. All of our products are simple; they are designed to save you over 90% on your domestic or business water consumption. The flow of water from your tap is transformed into a targeted molecular cone, which reduces the volume of water you use by more than 90%.

Our products are simple, they save water, energy and money; vastly reducing the environmental impact your current water consumption has on the planet.

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CCW Single Volumiser 1.70 L/min
CCW Single Volumiser 1.70 L/min
View the specification sheet for this product The soaked Single Volumiser saves over 98% of water when compared to an 'A' rated aerator . Can be used on both a mains and tank fed water supply, hot and cold water applicable. Easy installation Saves 100% energy as cold water only Cold... Learn More
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Soaked accessories allow our water saving products to be easily fitted to your domestic or office appliances.

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