About Us


The soaked mission is simple, yet the foundation of everything we do, namely, “to turn loose viable technologies through embracing the basics that positively impact our natural resources”.


Our values reflect the best aspects of our team. Our team define who we are and what sets us apart.

They govern our actions and behaviors, both internally and externally and are critical to our goal of helping to improve people’s lives both now and for generations to come through the development of sustainable, innovative technology.

People are unquestionably our most important asset and every person working collaboratively at soaked adds to their values through many shared goals, visions and beliefs.

The team are wholly dependable, trustworthy, and decisive; never afraid to stand firm for what they believe in is right, they’re continually open to looking at things differently, challenge convention and have the courage to change course when needed.

Each person at soaked is fully able to act independently yet always works with the best interests of the team in mind and they always deliver on commitments.

  • Environment beats economy every time
  • Focus on getting back to basics
  • People are our key asset
  • Democracy wins
  • We are true to our word

2.8 Billion of us live in areas of high water scarcity

50% of the worlds population will be in water stress by 2030

2035 global energy consumption will increase by 50%

90% of the worlds power generation is fresh water intensive


Drenched was created following a chance encounter; when the founder, Wes, stumbled across a TED TV talk by Alex Steffen concerning, ‘the route to a sustainable future‘, after watching the talk, Wes was left feeling totally helpless, both as a father and charted engineer due to the realisation that he wasn’t doing anything to help the planet or sustain future generations.

Rather than stand back and leave it up to others, a strong urge to do something to help was ignited.

Two weeks later, following encouragement from the co-founder Marc, allied with lots of fun experiments in the back garden with his children (and a lot of water being splashed around the house) the dream became a reality as the first successful prototype tests were validated. During those first few, formative weeks in Drenched life they learnt a great deal, the key to it all however was what they now refer to as ‘Basicology’. 

soaked are distributors of Drenched, a unique and patented technology that fits into a wide range of water outlets and devices, which provide an experience that results in over 90% less water usage.


I have seen hundreds of water saving ideas over the past ten years and only around 10 of them have combined scalability, practicality and the right cost benefit to be actually sold. The Drenched Volumiser is the best device I have seen and has the potential to revolutionise the whole sector.

- Jacob Tompkins OBE, MD of Waterwise

Drenched haven't merely invented a once in a lifetime innovation but rather a global game-changer.

- Richard Stewart, Founder - Forward-Thinking

Once in a generation, the privileged few may get to experience something truly remarkable. What Drenched have invented however goes far beyond the remarkable.

- Richard Stewart, Founder - Forward-Thinking

Drenched products have what makes any good idea a great innovation - they are simple and they have the potential to solve a problem in our current over consumption of the worlds water resources.

- Richard Lowes, Punch Creative

This product is amazing! It arrived quickly after ordering and was carefully packaged. Will certainly order from Universal Office Products again!

- Jules

Arrived the next day, packaged securely, excellent product! I will certainly be looking at the rest of the water saving range from Soaked!

- Steve

Arrived quickly and packaged well. This product was easy to install and is perfect in my kitchen. I can easily switch from the water saving function, which is great for washing my hands and for cleaning fruits and veg, to the normal running water for filling up the wash bowl. A++++

- Sharon